Important note

Easy Rules documentation has been moved to GitHub here. This website will be shutdown by the end of July 2017.

Hello World tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use Easy Rules in a very simple application. The goal is to ask the user if he is a friend of duke and say ‘Hello duke’s friend!’ only if he replies ‘yes’.

Based on this requirement, the rule is pretty straightforward :

  • The condition is that the user input must be equal to ‘yes’
  • The action is to say ‘Hello duke’s friend!’ to the user

First, let’s create a rule class:

@Rule(name = "Hello World rule",
    description = "Say Hello to duke's friends only")
public class HelloWorldRule {

     * The user input which represents the data
     * that the rule will operate on.
    private String input;

    public boolean checkInput() {
        //The rule should be applied only if
        //the user's response is yes (duke friend)
        return input.equalsIgnoreCase("yes");

    public void sayHelloToDukeFriend() throws Exception {
        //When rule conditions are satisfied,
        //prints 'Hello duke's friend!' to the console
        System.out.println("Hello duke's friend!");

    public void setInput(String input) {
        this.input = input;


Then, we have to register an instance of this rule in a Easy Rules engine and launch the tutorial with the following class:

public class Launcher {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
        System.out.println("Are you a friend of duke?[yes/no]:");
        String input = scanner.nextLine();

         * Declare the rule
        HelloWorldRule helloWorldRule = new HelloWorldRule();

         * Set business data to operate on

         * Create a rules engine and register the business rule
        RulesEngine rulesEngine = aNewRulesEngine().build();

         * Fire rules


To run this tutorial, you can follow these instructions:

$ git clone
$ cd easyrules-tutorials
$ mvn install exec:java -P runHelloWorldTutorial

You should get the following output:

Are you a friend of duke? [yes/no]:
INFO: Engine name: engine
INFO: Rule priority threshold: 2,147,483,647
INFO: Skip on first applied rule: false
INFO: Skip on first failed rule: false
INFO: Registered rules:
INFO: Rule { name = 'Hello World rule', description = 'Say Hello to duke's friends only', priority = '2147483646'}
INFO: Rules evaluation started
INFO: Rule 'Hello World rule' triggered
Hello duke's friend!
INFO: Rule 'Hello World rule' performed successfully